What is Primer-Infused Eye Shadow?

Are you an on-the-go person who doesn’t want to have to worry about touching up your eye shadow throughout the day?  I mean, what a pain!  Well, this new, primer-infused technology eye shadow is going to make that a reality!  It gives you full coverage without creasing, plus it stays on all day.   So relax!  You won’t have to worry about checking your eye makeup throughout the day any more.

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For some people (like myself), a full coverage eye shadow is just what they need.  Perhaps their skin is slightly discolored, wrinkled, or their eyelid veins are more prominent (that’s me).  And, you don’t want to have to pack on the concealer for fear of creasing.  That’s where this primer-infused eye shadow comes in.

When applying makeup, I always encourage people to use primer first.  Primer helps smooth out your skin tone, it cuts down or elminates creasing, and it keeps your makeup in place and looking more flawless longer througout the day.  So, using an eye shadow that is infused with primer gives you a two-for-one product that shortens the amount of time it takes to get ready.

Plus, this eye shadow is incredibly smooth to the touch and blends very easily.  This allows you to feel comforable when applying it without worrying that you’ve used too much.  This technology has definitely helped me get a smoother look, and I love it!

Quick Tips for Using Primer-Infused Eye Shadow

  • No need to use eye primer on your eyelids, crease, or upper brow when using these particular eye shadows
  • Use the appropriate brushes to apply it – in a pinch, you could use your fingers because it’s so smooth
  • When blending, hold the brushes towards the back of the handle for a lighter touch
  • Have fun!

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