How to Use a Fan Brush

A fan brush is a flat makeup brush that is in the shape of a fan.  Its bristles are soft and very moveable, which allows for a delicate approach to applying makeup.  Because the brush is thin and the bristles are more flexible, it allows for light, precise application of bronzers, illuminators/highlighters, powder foundations, setting powders, and in some cases, even tinted moisturizer.  It can also be use to fan away excess product, such as any eye shadow fallout.

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So how do you use a fan brush?  You want to gently swipe or dab the brush through the product you are using.  Then, with a soft, back-and-forth motion, you dust the product onto your face.  Tap or swipe it back through the product as much as needed.  NOTE:   Because of the flexibility of this brush, it is not ifan-brush-closentended for intense blending, rather use it for a soft dusting and light blending.

My favorite way to use this brush is to apply an illuminator or a bronzer directly to the cheekbone area.  You’ve probably seen this in photos and weren’t sure how to create that look.  Well, this is it!  Because the brush is thin, you’ll get quick and easy application directly where you want it.  Don’t apply the illuminator/bronzer too close to your nose.  Instead, hold the brush on your cheekbone at about the center of your eye and gently dust the product up past the outer corner of your eye to near your temple.  This will create a beautiful, illuminated shimmer, just like in the magazines!

For more instruction, check out my video, and I’ll show you exactly where to apply it.

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