Tips for Treating Dry Skin During Winter

Do you experience dry or flaking skin this time of year?  If yes, don’t worry, you’re not alone!  Many people, both men and women, suffer from dry skin during winter.  So, today I want to share a few suggestions you may not have thought of to help get you back to soft, smooth skin.

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Dealing with dry, flaky skin any time of year is no fun, but during winter, it can be even worse.  That’s why I put together some tips that you may not have thought of to help you get smooth, soft skin again before it gets warm outside.

  • Switch to a hydrating cleanser.  Many people don’t change their skin care routine from summer to winter, which is a common reason so many people end up with dry skin during winter months.  Hydrating cleansers not only cleanse your face, but also pack in the hydration leaving you feel soft and smooth.
  • Use a toner.  Toners don’t necessarily moisturize, but they do help even your skin tone, reduce flaking, and remove any excess dirt and oil, which allows the moisturizer to hydrate your face more efficiently.  I especially love a rose water toner because it smells great and has many other uses, even for your hair and makeup.
  • Invest in a day cream.  A lot people already use a moisturizer, but there is a difference between that and a day cream.  Neither should clog pores (and if they do, that’s a red flag that it’s not good for your skin), but a day cream is a bit thicker with many hydrating qualities.  You can find out which type of moisturizer may be best for you here.  Also, you may want to consider using one that includes SPF to protect your skin.
  • Apply a hydrating serum before bed.  Serums are a next-level technology that absorb very well into your skin, giving excellent moisture.  Serums are thin and should be applied after cleansing and toning and before any other products.
  • Get a night cream.  Night creams are luxurious and will make your skin feel that way too!  They are packed with vitamins and will also help reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  These may be used after a hydrating serum to give a full hydration treatment to your skin.
  • Use an exfoliating mask and/or a hydrating mask.  When using an exfoliating mask, only use one to two times a week to help remove the dead skin cells that cause flaking.  An exfoliating mask should be a small grit so that it doesn’t damage your face.  You may alternate this with a hydration mask to really help pack in the moisture to help your skin look soft and supple.

Dry, cold, winter air can leave your skin tight, dry, flaky, and dull, but you don’t have to give in to it!  By using these tips, you can have soft, smooth, and supple skin year-round!

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