Tips for Choosing the Best Powder Foundation for Your Skin Type

Choosing the right type of powder foundation can be overwhelming. Knowing what type of coverage they offer can help you make the best decision for what kind of look you are going for.

Loose powder: In my experience, loose powders typically offer lighter coverage because you use a powder puff brush to apply them. They help even out skin tone and can have a matte or luminescent finish. The one I use has a luminescent finish, and I love it!

Pressed powder: The pressed powder I use feels light on my skin and can go from light coverage (when applied with a powder puff brush) to almost full coverage when applied with the applicator pad. This is great for people who have an uneven skin tone and need more coverage in certain areas.
Liquid powder: For me, the liquid powder I use offers medium coverage. It is a thin, silky liquid, that literally dries to a powder finish. It’s really cool and very blendable to your natural skin tone.

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