Setting Powder or Setting Spray?

“Setting powder or setting spray:  What’s the difference and do I need both?”

This is a common set of questions I get asked because it can be confusing since they both set your makeup.  However, they each have their own specialties as well, which is why I choose to use both.  So, today I want to share the differences and why using both may be a good fit for you.  Then, you can decide which route to go.

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Setting Powder or Setting Spray (or maybe both)

For many people (myself previously incuded),I didn’t even know “setting” products existed, let alone that there were different options for the product.  It wasn’t until about 7 months ago that I first tried either of the products, and naturally once I did, I wondered what the heck took me so long!

So today I wanted to take a little time to share about the products, the differences, and why you may want to use both in your regular routine.  Let’s take a look at whether setting powder or setting spray is a better option for you.  You might find that both will be just what you’re looking for.

Setting Powder:

  • Translucent forms available
    • No color matching needed
    • Works for all skin tones
    • Great for all skin types
  • Blending capabilities
    • No need for a filter on your pictures
    • Helps blend makeup up for a soft, smooth finish
    • Dust over makeup for a finishing look
    • Wear on bare skin for a soft, matte look
  • Directions
    • After applying foundation, dip brush in setting powder
    • Tap off excess powder on the lid and sweep from the center of the face outward
    • You can also apply setting powder directly on your skin for a soft-focus finish

Setting Spray:

  • Clear mist
    • No color matching needed
    • Works for all skin tones
    • Great for all skin types
  • Can be worn as a primer for a matte finish
  • Refresh throughout the day with a light mist to reset makeup
  • Locks your look in place to help prevent smudging and creasing
  • Directions
    • After applying makeup, shake setting spray bottle well
    • Hold bottle 8–10 inches from face, close eyes, and mist face 2–4 times in an X and T formation
    • Wait for spray to dry, and apply additional makeup as needed
    • Re-mist as often as desired to refresh makeup

For me, to get the most flawless look that lasts longer throughout the day, I make sure to apply a primer, and then I use both the setting powder and the setting spray. Many times, I find that I am recording my tutorial videos on the days where I meet up with my run club.  So, this combination helps keep my makeup looking great, even after miles of running.

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