Setting Powder Magic

Have you ever used a setting powder?  I hadn’t used one until a few months ago because I didn’t really understand what was so darn special about it.  I mean, couldn’t I just dust some regular powder over my face and be done with it?  The answer was, “No.” And this is because there really is a difference when you use a true setting powder.  Let me show you exactly how effective it is!

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When trying to explain to people how well a translucent setting powder can work, well, it’s difficult.  So, I want to show you exactly what I mean.

Setting Powder Magic

First, what I love about this particular setting powder is that it’s translucent.  That means you don’t have to worry about color matching; it works with all skin tones.

Next, there are a few ways you can use it:

  1. All over your face.  Once you’ve applied your makeup, you can lightly dust the setting powder all over your face to softly blend and smooth out your makeup look giving you a more flawless finish all over.
  2. Specific blending.  Did you get too much blush or eye shadow in one spot?  No worries!  Apply some setting powder to that spot, and lightly blend.  It works like magic to soften the look and blend out where you’ve applied too much.
  3. Targeted action.  These may be spots where you find your makeup is more likely to crease, such as under your eyes, around your mouth, or on your eyelids.  For this, you’re going to want to pack the setting powder onto those spots and let it set for a couple minutes.  Then, lightly “fluff” off any extra setting powder, and BOOM!  You’re set!  That’s like what I did in the video above.  You can also use this technique to “bake” your face, which is a little more time consuming, but it works extremely well for when you really want your makeup to look top notch.

Finish with Setting Spray

Lastly, you can finish with a setting spray.  Sometimes I use both of these products, sometimes only one.  So, when you know you’ve got a particularly long day ahead of you or when you know you’re going to be more active and possibly sweating, the setting spray is great .  Think of setting spray for your makeup like what really good hair spray does for your hair; keeps your look in place, all day, without feeling sticky or smelling weird.

And, probably my favorite aspect of these products is that they last for months.  So, you’re not going to go through them quickly, which makes them a great investment to add to your makeup bag.

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