Quick Eyebrow Pencil Tips

Have you ever tried using an eyebrow pencil to fill in and/or shape your brows?  I’ve found that a lot people are open to trying it, but many tutorials are overwhelming, causing them to skip it all together.  Paying attention to and taking care of your brows is a great way to complete your makeup look.  Also, it helps make you look younger while framing your eyes which makes them pop!

Eyebrow Pencil and Shaping Tips

Believe me, I definitely struggled, for years, with shaping my brows.  I did it myself; over-tweezed and thinned them out to the point that hair doesn’t even grow in some places – whoops!   I had it all out of whack.  I’ve even been made fun of for the way they looked.  So yea, I get it.  Brows are no joke.

I decided that it was time to get some help from a professional and learn a thing or two about maintaining the shape at home in between professional appointments.  In the last couple months, I’ve had requests to do a brow tutorial.  And, while I was super nervous, I decided to do it.  So, I’ve laid out the tips for you in hopes that if can help you too!

Tips for Shaping Your Eyebrows:

  1. Go see a professional.  Seriously, just do it.  That’s what they do!
  2. If needed, grab yourself a set of brow stencils.  These will help you create perfectly shaped brows.
  3. Tweeze any outliers.
  4. Using a brow brush, brush the hairs upward, and trim any that extend past your brow shape.
  5. Learn how brow shaping works – head of the brow, arch, and tail.
    • Head of the brow should line up with the nostril
    • Brow arch should peak at the outside of your iris
    • Tail should create a diagonal line to the outside of your eye and down to the nostril

PRO TIP:  If you have very light or thin brows, not filling them in will make you look older.

Tips for Filling In Your Eyebrows:

  1. Once the brows are shaped, it’s time to fill them in.
  2. Choosing a shade the same as your brows may seem a bit bold at first.  If needed, choose one shade lighter to ease into it.
  3. Use a brow pencil that is designed to last all day.  You don’t your brows smudging off!
  4. Personally, I like to outline the shape of the brow first.
    • Keep the lines parallel to each other until they meet at the arch
    • Use small strokes to create a more natural look
    • Apply the pencil right at the root of the outside hairs to create the shape
  5. Fill them in.
    • Brush hair upward to give you a better view of spots that are more sparse
    • Use short, upward strokes in the same direction as the hairs to create a natural look
    • A small brush with concealer or a highlight color can help make the brow pop and clean up any mistakes

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