The Quick & Easy Smokey Eye

One of my favorite tips for creating a quick and easy smokey eye look, is that it can be done with any color!  Initially, most people think of smoke, and that it has to be done with grays and black.  In reality, it’s more about the “smokey” technique, and not so much the color, so there are lots of options.  

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To start, you want to decide what main color you want to use.  For the purposes of this Palettes3demonstration, we’re going to choose to create a brown smokey eye.  This palette is amazing because not only can it be used for your eye makeup, it can be used for your eyebrows and contouring (more on that later).

First, apply an eye primer all over your eyelid and up to your eye brow.  Eye primer is important because it helps the colors stay in place, keeps them from creasing, and makes them more vibrant.  Ultimately, this saves you money because you will use less of the eye shadow colors to create the desired look.

Second, you want to choose a medium shade for the color that is going to go all over your eyelid.  You may also use a dark color if you want a more dramatic look.Lingo1

Next, I like to take a light, matte shade, and dust it over the crease and brow bone area.  This provides a nice base for the other shades, which will make blending easier.

After that, take a dark brown shade (since we are creating a brown smokey eye in this example), and apply it in the outer V.  At this point, don’t be too concerned with blending.  Once you’ve done that, take a similar dark shade and add it to the crease. This will provide depth.

Once you’ve added color to the crease, choose a light shade, either a matte or shimmer, and apply it to the highlight/brow bone area.  If you’re like me and you have more space between the crease and the highlight/upper brow bone area (by the eyebrow), you may add an additional, light-medium shade, between the crease and the upper brow bone area.  After you’ve applied your eye shadow colors, grab a fluffy blending brush, and blend where each color meets the next.  This will help create a smooth, gradient look and even out any harsh lines.  Finally, add your eyeliner and finish with mascara.  Smokey Eye3

Are you ready to see this technique in action?  If yes, click on the video below.  I’ve also included some bonus footage for you as well!  I’ll show you how using a neutral eye shadow palette can also be used to fill in eyebrows and contour!  Say what?!  Take a look!

Was that helpful?  If so, I would greatly appreciate if you commented below.  Please feel free to share it with anyone who might benefit.  



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