Primer: Your New BFF

“I want my makeup to wear off, look blotchy, and smudge throughout the day!”……said no one ever.

I mean really, you don’t want to take the time to apply your makeup only to have it wear off hours later, do you?  Not only would that be a waste of time, it would also be a waste of money.  So, let me introduce you to your new BFF, primer.  

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Now, if you’re not familiar with primer, basically it’s a foundation (base) for your makeup.   For a moment, I want you to think about painting a wall in your house. Perhaps the wall has somes small cracks, uneven spots, discoloration, or maybe it’s a crazy color, and you want to tone it down.  Before you start painting though, you have to apply a primer to the wall.  The primer will help fill in the cracks, smooth out the rough spots, help cover discoloration, and it will keep the old paint color from coming through the new paint color.  This will make your new paint color look amazing; bright, smooth, and like new!

Makeup primer does the same thing, but for your face.  Primer fills in fine lines and smoothes uneven texture while providing a barrier between your face and your makeup so your makeup doesn’t soak into your face throughout the day.  It also helps keep your makeup looking fresh because it stays in place longer with a more flawless finish.  Primer also reduces or eliminates bleeding of colors, blotching, or fading.

Apply Primer Like a Pro:

  • Use moisturizer first
    • Plumps skin
    • Reduces oil
    • Gives a more even primer application
  • Apply with clean fingertips, brush, or blending bud
  • Use on entire face, including eye area
    • Each brand is different, so check the label
    • Prevents creasing, fading, and smudging of eye makeup

I’m to the point now where I won’t wear my makeup without primer because it makes that big of a difference!  Not only will your makeup look a lot better, it will stay in place and look more flawless throughout the day.  Plus, it saves you money because you’ll be applying less makeup to get the look you desire, and you won’t need to reapply at all (or as often).   And, this primer will last you a few months which means less worry for you and more money in your pocket!

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