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Comparison time!

Last week I gave a review of the new waterproof mascara.  After seeing it, one of my BFFs asked me if I would show one coat of the waterproof mascara on one eye vs. one coat of my regular mascara on the other eye.  So of course, I said, “Yes!”  She was curious how the volume and color would compare, and at that point, so was I.

Let’s see how they look!

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The first thing I notice with comparing the two mascaras are the tubes they come in.  Both offer a sleek design that is easy to hold, which is nice. If you’ve followed me for a while, you know I’m a marketing major, and I’m always interested in the packaging of the product.

Next were the brushes/wands.  Both mascaras offer nice brushes on the wand that really fan out your lashes.  Though they are not the same, they are similar, and I was pleased with both of them.

Application was also easy.  What I did notice is that the waterproof formula seems to be a bit more “thin”, therefore the volume was not quite as much as regular Epic mascara.  Once I stepped back and took a look, I noticed that yes, the regular mascara does add more volume to your lashes.

To me, the black color of both products was consistent.  Sometimes the different formulas can cause differences in color, but I think these were very comparable to each other.

Now, obviously the waterproof mascara is, well, waterproof.  The regular mascara is water resistant.  This means that if you were to sweat or shed a few tears, it’s likely the mascara will not run or smear.  However, the waterproof mascara is a sure thing when it comes to not running or smearing in the rain, at the pool, or while shedding more than a few tears.  So depending on your needs, this may be a deciding factor for you.

Lastly, removing the mascara.  I was actually quite impressed with both mascaras, especially the waterproof.  Many times a waterproof mascara can be difficult to remove, even to the point where it may break your lashes.  But, not this one!  I found that removing it (as well as the regular mascara) are easily done with a makeup remover cloth.

PRO TIP:  Apply any regular mascara, let it dry, and then apply a coat of waterproof mascara on top of it to make sure your mascara isn’t going anywhere.

Overall, I’m very happy with the comparison of both mascaras.  They each serve a purpose and can even be used together if needed!

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