New Use for Liquid Lipstick

If you haven’t hopped on the liquid lipstick train, you’re missing out.  Liquid lipsticks are awesome because they have longer staying power than a traditional lipstick, the fluffy texture makes them easy to apply, and they blend easily, which makes them ideal for multitasking!

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In addition to wearing a liquid lipstick on my lips (obviously, right?), I also like to use it on my eyelids!  Now, I know this might sound crazy, but there are some great colors out there that will work for both lips and eyes.  Plus, if you’re in a pinch, it would save space in your purse or carry-on if you’re traveling.

As I mentioned earlier, liquid lipstick tends to be very blendable before it sets.  So, this makes it ideal for using as an eye shadow.  You can use it all over your eyelid for a solid color, and you can also use it as a base.  Simply layer another eye shadow color, especially a shimmer, over it to create your own color for something new and fun!  So, how exactly do you do this?

Tips for Using Liquid Lipstick as Eye Shadow

  • Choose a color
  • Use a cream shadow brush, or something similar
    • short, densely-packed bristles
    • not fluffy
  • Remove the wand from the liquid lipstick container
  • Apply a small amount of liquid lipstick to the eye brush
  • Carefully dab the brush against your eyelid, smoothing as you go
  • Additionally, you can apply some to your eyelid crease if you don’t have a different crease color

That’s it!  A liquid lipstick applies very similar to a cream shadow, and one of the best parts?  It doesn’t crease!

Here are my “after” photos for a close up of the liquid lipstick turned eye shadow.

                            20769962_722489917956427_71047764351511536_n     20728144_722489967956422_4115969795644889072_n

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