Let’s Get Glowy

Have you ever used a luminzer (shimmer highlight) to add a glowy look to your makeup?  You know, that beautiful cheekbone glow you see on the models in the magazines.  They sure are pretty and can really help your look stand out!  And, what’s even better is that they are quite easy to use.  So, today I want to share with you the different types and how you can best use them for the look you want.

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Let’s Get Glowy

So, you’ve decided to give using a luminizer a try, and now you need to know exactly how to do it, right?  No worries!  These tips will get you “glowing” on your way for the perfect warm weather look!

  • First, choose the type of luminzer you want to use:
    • Pressed powder – dry finish
    • Cream to powder stick – dewy finish
    • Cream – dewy finish
  • Next, you’ll need the correct tools:
    • If you’re using a pressed powder type, you’ll want a fan brush
    • If you’re using a cream or cream to powder stick, you’ll want a dampened blending bud
  • Lastly, how and where to apply it:
    • Apply the luminizer to the top of your cheekbone, starting at the outer corner of your eye and work your way towards your temple a few inches
      • If using the fan brush:
        • Dust it through the pressed powder
        • Hold the back of handle for a lighter touch
        • Softly dust along the top of your cheekbone
        • Blend around the edges as needed
      • If using the damp blending bud:
        • Add a small amount of luminzer to the bud
        • Gently press the color onto the top of your cheekbone
        • Blend around the edges as needed
    • Don’t apply too close to your nose as you tend to have larger pores in that area, and the shimmer will make them more noticeable
    • Remember to apply the luminizer to the top of your cheekbone, not the front
      • Blush and bronzer goes on the front
      • Luminzer goes on top of the cheekbone to accentuate the highlight
      • Below is an example where to apply the luminzer, blush/bronzer, and contour color

Ready to grab a luminizer for yourself?  Check out my favorite pressed powder, cream to powder, and cream luminizers today.

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