Hair & Makeup: Perfecting the Beach Look

Summer is here, and for many people, a light, simple look is common for daytime activites.  And if you’re like me, you like to add a little extra bronzer and some textured beach waves to take it up a notch to create the perfect beach look.  This look is adored by many because it’s quick, easy, and makes it look like you’ve been somewhere fun (even if you haven’t).

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The first thing to understand about creating a beach look is that it’s meant to be light and effortless.  This is not something you will spend a lot of time doing.  So, if you’re looking for something convenient for the summer, this is it!

For your makeup, you want to start with a primer.  Primer helps smooth out your skin, fills in fine lines, and provides a barrier between your skin and your makeup.  This helps your makeup to set on top of the primer, giving you a more flawless, longer lasting look.  The primer I use doubles as an eye primer, which is awesome because it saves time and money.


Next, you want to do your eye makeup.  This does two things for you:  1) It gives your primer time to set before applying any time of foundation, and 2) If you would have any eye shadow fallout from the brush onto your cheeks, it easily wipes away without  messing up your foundation.  When choosing your eye shadow color for a beach look, go with something golden or bronze.  One of my favorite makeup “cheats” is to actually use my bronzer as my eye shadow.  It’s the perfect way to add to the beach look.  Once you’ve applied your eye shadow, add some white eyeliner to your lower water line, which makes your eyes look bigger and brighter.  Finish with mascara.


Once you’re finished with your eye makeup, the next step is to apply your foundation.  Stay with something light, such as a BB Cream.  A BB Cream will provide light to medium coverage and a dewy finish, which will look more natural while evening out your skin tone. Plus, it acts as a moisturizer, saving you another step in your daily routine.  


After you’ve applied your foundation, you can apply your bronzer.  For a sun-kissed look, think about where the sun touches your face the most.  This is typically on the tops of your cheeks, across the bridge of your nose, the highpoint of your forehead, and for some people, just a little on their chin.  These areas are where you want to apply your bronzer.  Apply it lightly at first, and add more if necessary.


Lastly, you want to finish your look with a bronze, gold, or coral colored lip color.  Personally, for this look, I prefer to go with a lip gloss.  It gives some extra shine to your already bronzed, glowing look for an extra zip of beachy perfection.


Creating the beach wave hair is actually easier than you might think, and it doesn’t even involve a curling iron!  Wash or wet your hair like normal, and then towel dry it.  Next, you’ll want to spritz some sea salt texturizing spray into your hair.  Even if you don’t have curly hair, this spray still helps to texturize it by add some waves and naturally separting your hair into small sections.  You can let your hair air dry (my preference) and scrunch it as it dries, or if you’re in a hurry, you can use a diffuser and lightly blow-dry it.  

Once your hair is dry, sprinkle in a little mattifying powder at the roots.   This powder adds additional texture while giving you some awesome volume.  As always, start with a little, and add more as needed.  You can even sprinkle some in your hands and then run your fingers through the ends of your hair to add additional texture.  

Be sure to check out my short video to see how I created this look.

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