Eyebrow Trimming Tips

Have you ever looked up eyebrow trimming tips?  Or did you even know this was a “thing”?  

Well, I’ve got to be honest, this was a new concept to me until about six or eight months ago; mostly because I was, sadly, an over-tweezer for YEARS (#recoveringovertweezer).  Not only did I misunderstand the importance of going to have my brows professionally shaped, I certainly didn’t know how to maintain it at home.😨       So 

So, today I want to share a few tips for trimming at home and why it’s important.

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The first thing to know about eyebrow trimming, is that you need to have already had your eyebrows professionally shaped, at least once, in the recent past.  By doing so, you should have a fairly clear idea of the shape of your brows, which will make it easier for you to trim.

Next, you’re going to need a few tools:

  • Eyebrow scissors (nail trimming scissors or nose hair trimming scissors work just fine)
  • A brow brush
  • Tweezers (optional – use if you need to do some additional tweezing, but not needed for trimming)

Eyebrow Trimming Tips

  • Begin by combing your eyebrow hairs straight up
  • Notice any hairs that extend past the top of your eyebrow line
  • Hold them in place with the brow brush
  • Trim the hair so it is now only very slightly above the top of your eyebrow line
  • Brush your eyebrow hairs with the way they naturally flow
    • If at this point you feel they need shaped a little more, repeat this process and trim the hairs closer to the top of the hair line
    • Be sure not to trim too low, or you could cause bald spots in your eyebrows

PRO TIP:  After trimming, line and fill in your brows before tweezing any outliers.  This will help you better identify which hairs should stay and which need to go.

Lash Comb/Brow Brush

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