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Do you use your fingers to apply your eye makeup?  Whether you realize it or not, using the appopriate brushes to apply your eye makeup is much better than using your fingers.  For one, your eye makeup is going to go on a lot smoother and more evenly.  Also, you’re not going to transfer dirt and oils from your fingers, which ultimately can lead to breakouts.   And, using the correct tools help you blend effectively, so there aren’t any harsh lines, creases, or smudges.  (Scroll down for video)

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Now, I also understand that knowing which eye brushes to use can be intimidating, so I’m going to break down my favorite eye brush set for you, and tell you exactly what each one is used for.

  1. Deluxe Eye Brush – This brush is used to apply eye color to the entire eyelid.  It’s a fluffy brush with dense bristles to help give you a strong application of base color. And, it’s like a magnet for loose pigment colors, so very little falls off the brush.  This brush is great for blending, too.
  2. Liner/Shader Brush – This brush is dual-ended, which means there is a brush on each end.  The “shader” end of the brush is a smaller, fluffy brush, which is ideal for blending to a diffused finish.  The “liner” end of the brush helps you create smooth, even lines while wet or dry.  This is the best tool to use for blending eyeliner for a softer look or using eye shadow as eyeliner.
  3. Crease Brush – To create eye depth, you will use a crease brush.  It can also be used to [most commonly] create a smokey eye or a splash of sparkle.  The coarse bristles give optimal application to the crease by keeping the color where it’s meant to be.  In other words, it’s not great at blending.
  4. Cream Shadow Brush – To apply cream eye shadows, you want to use a cream shadow brush.  The short and densley packed bristles allow you better control during the application.  My recommendation is to apply cream shadow in a tapping/dabbing motion (makes it more bold), and then use a swiping motion to thin it out as needed.   This eye brush also helps give an easy, creaseless application with simple blending.
  5. Angled Shadow/Sponge Brush  – Another dual ended brush, this one is perfect for eye shadow palettets because it’s great for working with pressed powder eye shadows.  The angled brush end allows for all-over or precise application, while the sponge end helps blend colors perfectly.  I also use the sponge end to apply color on my entire eyelid, or just on the outer V of my eyelid.
  6. Brow Artist Brush  – Let me tell you, before this brush, I was using the “liner” end of the liner/shader brush.  And, while that did work, once I tried this brush, I never looked back.  The Brow Artist Brush allows you to line and scuplt your brows with precision and ease.  An ultra-thin angled end allows for creating precise lines.  And, the equally thin flat end contributes to clean and direct application.  It’s a game changer!
  7. Lash Comb/Brow Brush – This eye brush is the last of the dual-ended brushes and offers some nice benefits.  First, the lash comb is metal, which means it works better than any plastic lash comb I’ve ever used.  This is because the metal is thinner, which does a much better job of fanning out lashes while removing any clumps.  Lastly, the brow brush is the perfect finishing touch to taming your brows after you’ve filled in and shaped them.
  8. Blending Brush – Wow!  I recently got this brush and what a difference it makes!  It’s perfect for blending multiple colors and creating lush smoky eyes.  Definitely a must-have!

Eye Brush Set2

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