5 Steps to a Smokey Lower Lash Line

Creating a smokey lower lash line is quick and easy!   You can make it soft, or go bold with it.  Furthermore, you can use eye shadow for even more color choices.  There are so many options!

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Step #1 – Make sure that you’ve applied a primer on the skin under your eye.  Applying a primer helps reduce creasing while helping the makeup to stay in place and look more vibrant.

Step #2 – Use a medium colored transition color of eye shadow and apply under the eye with a small fluffy brush.  This creates a base color. You can go as far down from the lower lash line as you’d like, however, I wouldn’t recommend more than about 1/2 an inch.  The further away from your lower lash line, the more dramatic of a look you will create.

Step #3 –  Choose an eye shadow color that is darker than the transition color that compliments or contrasts (depending on how dramatic of a look you want) your eyelid color.  Using a liner brush, tap this color just under the lash line.  If you want a softer look, you may choose to simply blend with the transition color, and then stop.

Step #4 – For a slightly more bold smokey eye, grab a darker eye liner (or even a darker eye shadow).  Line into the lower lashes, and if desired, onto the lower water line.  This will create a more gradient look with the darkest color nearest the eye, beautifully blending out to the lighter transition color.

Step #5:  Lastly, add mascara to the lower lashes, and you’re all set!

“When in doubt, smoke it out.”


P.S. – If you don’t typically wear color on your lower lash line, start with neutral browns or grays.  Actually, this will help ease you into a more dramatic look when you’re ready.

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