Bronzed, Beach Look for Warm Weather

Wearing a bronzed, beach makeup look is always a top trend when the weather starts warming up.  There’s just something about looking like you’ve been at the beach, even if you haven’t.  That sun-kissed glow and wavy hair is laid back and fun, so let’s create it!

First of all, there are different types of bronzers; matte, shimmer, cream, lotions, etc.  My favorite pressed bronzer comes with more of a matte side and more of shimmer side.  This way you can use it not only as a bronzer, but also for contouring (more on that later).  Another top pick is a luminzer in a slightly darker shade that comes in a pressed powder, solid stick, or cream.  The cream version can be mixed in with your liquid/cream foundation or worn alone for light coverage and a soft glow all over your face.  The other option is an instant bronzer,
which will give a sun-kissed glow wherever you apply it; face, legs, arms, etc.  This can also be worn alone or mixed in with your regular lotion or liquid/cream foundation.

bronze v contour

When applying bronzer for a sun-kissed glow, think about where on your face you tend to get more sun; it’s on the highpoints such as the bridge of your nose, tops of your cheekbones, forehead, and chin.  That is where you want to apply your bronzer.  If you apply too much, don’t worry!  Simply grab a powder puff brush, and blend it out.  If you still feel it’s too much, dust a little setting powder over the top of it and blend. Setting powder creates a soft, blurring effect which is perfect for blending.

Typically you want to use a cool, matte tone for contouring because the contouring should look like a slight shadow.  That’s what gives it depth.  However, you can use a bronzer for contouring if you don’t have a more appropriate contour shade available.  This graphic shows you where to apply the bronzer based on the look you are creating.

Finish the bronzed, beach look by adding sea salt to your hair.  Sea salt gives your hair texture and helps create tousled waves.  Using a sea salt spray makes it quick and easy to create this look.   Spritz a little in your hair, scrunch, and you’re ready to go!

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