Brighten Your Makeup, Brighten Your Mood

Have you ever felt like you’re in a frumpy mood?  You know, just kind of blah?  Well, I was recently feeling that way.  I wasn’t really sure why; things were going good, and I didn’t necessarily have anything to be in a bad mood about.  But, I was, and I wanted to brighten my mood.

I had an appointment that afternoon, and though I didn’t feel like doing my makeup, I decided to go for it.  There’s just something about putting on a little bit of makeup that can help me (and maybe you too) feel more confident; a little extra pep in your step.

So, I wanted to share some easy, fun techniques you can use when applying your makeup to make it bright and cheery, and in return, help you feel the same way!

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In the tutorial video, I show you one fun idea to brighten your makeup, which may help you brighten your mood.  I’ve included those tips below, along with some other ideas to help you rock out your bright look!

Fun Ways to Brighten Your Makeup

  • Wear a bright eyeliner
    • Bright blue, purple, or green are great
    • If you feel extra spunky, try using a lip liner color, such as pink, as your eyeliner
  • Wear bright lipstick
    • This can be anything bold and bright
    • Orange, hot pink, fuscia, and coral are a few of my favorites
  • Add some sparkle
    • Bust out the glittery/shimmer eye shadow, and use it on your:
      • Eyelids
      • Lips
      • Cheekbones
      • Collarbone
    • Apply with a small eye shadow brush for precision
  • Use bronzer
    • Get a beautiful glow with bronzer
    • Use a shimmer kind for an extra pop on your cheekbones
  • Get SASSY!

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