Blending with Setting Powder

You know when you see flawless looking makeup thats blended perfectly, and you think to yourself, “How in the world do they do it?”  Well, you no longer have to wonder!  The first tool is that they are using quality makeup brushes that are designed to help create those looks.  Second, and in most cases, they are blending with setting powder.  So, today, I want to share some tips with you for using setting powder as a blending tool to get that flawless look.

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Blending with Setting Powder

Setting powder is an amazing finishing product that helps set your makeup in place.  The bonus to using a translucent setting powder is that it’s also a fabulous blending tool!   Say, “Bye bye!’ to blending concerns!

In the video, I give an example where I’ve applied too much blush, and I want to blend it out to soften the look.  Trying to do this with the brush alone isn’t working.  That’s where blending with setting powder comes in.  Simply dip your brush into the setting powder, tap off excess powder, and lightly sweep it over the blush area that is too heavy.  Doing so will create a blurring effect, and the blush will be blended perfectly!

PRO TIP:  Use a fluffy brush when applying the setting powder.

Blending with setting powder can also be used on eye shadow, or any place where you feel your makeup needs blended more, as well as all over your face to soften your entire look.  Another bonus is that it’s extremely light on your face, so you won’t even feel it, and it doesn’t look cakey.   You can also use it on your bare face to create a soft-focus finish with a matte look.

Powder/Concealer Brush

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