6 Tips for Baking Your Face Makeup

Is “baking” your face makeup a new concept to you?  Or have you heard of it before, but you’re not sure what in the world it even means, let alone how to do it?  Well don’t worry, because I was feeling the same way!   It’s actually quite easy, and you may even already have everything at home to do it!

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First, what does it mean?  The drag community has used the term for years.  “Baking” your face makeup means that you let your translucent powder set on your face for five to ten minutes before dusting it off.  This allows the heat from your face enough time to set your foundation and concealer, and then you simply dust off any translucent powder that hasn’t set.

This gives you a flawless, creaseless finish.  You know all those times you see someone famous with flawless skin?  A lot of it can be attributed to this technique.  (Think Kim K. – her makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic uses this technique on her).   A really good translucent powder provides a soft, blurring effect, making you look as flawless as possbible.

And, if you’re worried about taking the five to ten minutes to let it set, don’t!  While it’s setting, move on to your brows, lashes, or lips.  Bonus tip:  Do your eye makeup before your foundation.  That way if you get any fallout from your eyebrush, wiping the eye shadow off is super quick, and you won’t mess up your foundation or concelear.

Next, let’s go through the steps to actually make this “baking” happen:

  • Moisturize your eye area.  Moisturizing helps hydrate your skin, which helps plump it up.  In turn, this helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  Of course, you should moisturize your entire face to get the full effect and help control oil.
  • Apply foundation.  For this step, it’s up to you if you want to apply the foundaiton under your eyes or not.  I suggest trying it with and without the foundation under your eyes to see if it makes a difference for you.  Since you’ll be applying concealer on top of your foundation, you may find it you like it best one way or the other.
  • Apply concealer.  You’ll want to be sure to apply concealer under your eyes that is one to two shades lighter than your foundation color.  Not only will this still give you coverage, it will also brighten the area under your eyes, which diminishes dark cirlces.  Plus, if you apply it in a V shape (see below), you’ll create a natural highlighted look that is more flattering.   When applying concealer on other areas of your face, you’ll want to use a shade that matches your foundation.  This will help it to blend flawlessly without lines or uneven color.  You can even do two coats of concealer if you’d like.  I know that sounds crazy, but once you “bake” it, you’ll look flawless!


  • Gently apply translucent powder.  Grab a fluffy blending or eye shadow brush, and dust translucent powder all over the area(s) where you applied concealer.  That may be under your eyes, chin, forehead, nose, etc.
  • Bake your makeup.  Take a blending bud or sponge wedge and dampen it with setting spray.  Then, gently dab it in the translucent powder, and generously apply it over the concealed areas (yes, you’re going over them again).  Once it’s applied, let it set for five to ten minutes.
  • Dust it off.   Using the same fluffy brush as before, swirl it in pressed powder, careful to tap off any excess.  Gently dust off the translucent powder while applying the pressed powder (all with the same brush).  The pressed powder will add a bit of color, more coverage, and help blend out any harsh lines.


For the complete tutorial, watch me apply this technique, and I’ll even include some bonus tips for your eyebrows while I’m “baking.”

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