4 Tips for Flawless Foundation

Choosing a foundation is a big deal in your makeup routine.  You want it to blend well, match your skin tone, look smooth, and be easy to use.  With that in mind, I put together a few tips to help you make using your foundation a cinch!

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The first tip for flawless foundation is to make sure you’ve got the correct shade for your skin.  The best way to do this is to match the shade to your neck.  For YEARS, I matched it to the inside of my arm or to my face, and quite frankly, it was never a good match.  Matching the shade to your neck insures a smooth transition from your face to your neck.  This may mean the foundation shade is a little lighter or darker than the actual color of your face, and that’s OK!  You want to create a smooth, even look, so matching it to your neck is the best way to do it.  test3

Next, let’s say you have a shade of a cream or liquid foundation that is a little too dark.  Perhaps, you’re losing your summer tan as the seasons change.  One quick fix is to mix in a little bit of your moisturizer.  This can help lighten the color while still giving you a good match.  Plus, it’s a great way to use up the rest of your foundation before buying a new one that is a better shade match.


Another great tip is to apply your foundation down the center of your face, and then blend out.  If you apply it too close to your hairline or on your jawline, it may look unnatural.  By applying in the center and blending out, the product will fade out near the edges for a more natural look.  Furthermore, it helps prevent foundation build-up in your hairline.


Lastly, use a primer.  Primer helps even out your skin by filling in fine lines and wrinkles.  It also acts a barrier between your skin and the makeup.  This way, the makeup doesn’t soak into your skin, which gives you a longer lasting, more flawless look throughout the day.  Now that I know what primer does for me, I never wear my makeup without it!

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