2018 Subtle Summer Trends

Summer tends to be a fun time to experiment with new makeup trends.  Maybe it’s the warmth of sunshine or blooms of fresh flowers that inspires us to try new looks and colors.  And, while it’s fun to see the hottest runway trends like sky blue eye shadow all the way up to your brows or bright yellow eyeliner that extends all the way around the eye, I have found that most of my followers are into the more subtle versions of these looks.

So, today I want to share with you a few fun ways to switch to summer makeup while still feeling confident in what you’re wearing.

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To me, summer makeup involves a lot of bronze and gold, with pops of color to take the look to the next level.  Not to say that the dark gray smokey eye is completely out, but you could definitely re-vamp it with a fun, shimmery brown smokey eye or add some glitter to it to really make it pop.

So, these are my top picks to create subtle summer looks while still looking sexy:

  • Pops of color.  
    • First, create a soft, natural eye look.  Then, choose one of the following:
      • A bright pink, coral, or orange lip
      • A bright blue, green, or purple and line your upper OR lower eyelash line
        • If you don’t have eyeliner in these colors, it’s OK!
        • You can also get a liner brush damp and swipe it through an eye shadow to create your own eyeliner
      • Fill the “outer V” of your eye with a bright color you don’t usually wear
      • If you must wear eyeliner, try switching to a medium brown, gray or blue
      • Create a contrasting eye look by using these tips.

Image result for natural eye, bright lip look                    Image result for natural eye, bright lip look

  • Sun-kissed face. 
    • Apply bronzer where the sun would likely affect most noticeably
      • Tops of cheekbones
      • Bridge of nose
      • Peak of forehead
    • Gently dust on bronzer using a fan brush or powder puff brush, and blend as needed
    • You can even dust it on your collarbone
    • Use a pearlized, warm-toned highlighter in conjunction with bronzer to really bring out the glow

Image result for sun-kissed cheeks                       Image result for highlighter bronzer 

  • Glossy lips.  That’s right, gloss is back and matte is out this summer.  Wear your lip gloss by itself or over another lip product to get the that gorgeous, shiny finish.

Image result for younique lip gloss

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