How to Use Powder Lipstick

Have you ever heard of or used a powder lipstick?

Powder lipstick is a new trend that is just starting to make its appearance in the cosmetics industry, and for me, I had never even heard of them until a couple of weeks ago.  So, once I did, I had to get my hands on them and learn more about them!  That being said, I want to share my top tips for using these.  Once you see them, I have a feeling you’re also going to want to give them a try!

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First, what in the heck is a powder lipstick?   Well, I’m no scientist, but here’s how I understand it:  It’s magic!  That’s it.  haha!  Just kidding.

Basically, it is made up of hydrogel molecules that make it feel powdery.  It’s a form of silica that has a huge surface area so that it can absorb a lot of oil and pigment, which makes it feel like a powder and not a gel.  When it makes contact with the oils naturally found in your skin, it changes from a powder to a satin lipstick texture on the spot, melting into your lips!

Also, powder lipsticks are really easy to use, so don’t let the texture of them make you nervous.  The powders are extremely pigmented, so the color lasts for hours without reapplying.  Helllllloooooo time saver and peace of mind!   So, let’s get into some tips and a little more info about using them:

Tips for Using Powder Lipstick

  • Exfoliate your lips (optional, but recommended).  You want to be sure your lips are as smooth as possible, especially before applying for the first time, until you know how they work.
  • Moisturize your lips (again, optional, but recommended).   Add just a touch of moisturizer before you apply the color.  This ensures the formula goes on smoothly, and your lips won’t look dry underneath.
  • Use the applicator that comes with them.   Because it is a powder, you don’t want to use a brush of any sort.  The powder will fall off of a brush, and you’ll make a mess.  You don’t want a mess.
  • Tap off any excess powder before applying the powder lipstick.  You can always re-dip the wand to get more if you need it, but you don’t want to start off with too much.
  • Start by using a dabbing motion, and make an X at your cupid’s bow.  Then, continue dabbing it on all over your lips.  The dabbing motion will:
    • Give you more control of the application
    • Pack the color in
    • Swipe it on to blend
  • Don’t inhale through your mouth while applying the powder lipstick.  Just in case you have too much on the wand, you don’t want to inhale it into your mouth.
  • Top with a lip balm.  These lipstick powders are weightless, as in, it really feels like you have nothing on your lips.  They are a matte, and though they do not dry out your lips, they also do not add any moisture.  A lip balm will add moisture without removing the pigment.
  • Do not use a lip gloss on top, unless you apply it with your finger.  The lip gloss wand could be too harsh against the pigmentation and actually remove some it.  Plus, then you’d have the powder on your lip gloss wand.

Additional Information about Powder Lipstick:

  • They leave behind a deep stain, and as such, it’s got longevity.  It stays on well, and even after the bold color has faded a little, it leaves behind a pretty stain.
  • It’s really light, so it feels sheer once applied.  You don’t need to layer, blot, or reapply. The color is intense but literally barely there.
  • Very precise, delivering a clean line of color thanks to the sharp tip applicator, and they don’t bleed from the lip line.
  • It doesn’t create a film, and it doesn’t flake away.  It just diffuses and fades to a lighter flattering color.

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