Spray to Set Your Makeup

I’ll be honest, until today, I had never used a setting spray for my makeup.  In fact, I hadn’t even considered trying one until recently, and I am so glad I did!

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So, what is a setting spray?  A setting spray helps hold your makeup in place once it’s been applied.  It creates a more flawless look that lasts, and you can use it to refresh your makeup throughout the day.  Better yet, it helps your makeup stay in place in extreme conditions.

How do you use it?  First, you want to use it after your makeup has been applied.  Next, shake the bottle well, hold 8–10 inches from your face, and close eyes before misting.  For some brands (such as the one I use), you can even use it underneath your foundation or on bare skin to get a more matte look.  Lastly, wait for the spray to dry before applying more makeup, if needed.

Check out this quick video I did when mine arrived.  I’m trying it for the first time so you can see how quick and easy it is!

Let me tell you, I love it!  The setting spray is easy to use, feels very light on my skin, and it keeps my makeup in place.  Furthermore, I can give myself a spritz throughout the day to refresh the look of my makeup.  So cool, right?

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