Never Look Washed Out Again

If you’ve seen my tutorials or read my blog posts before about choosing a foundation, you know that you should color match your foundation to your neck.  This will you give you a smooth, natural look that flows well.  For many, their face is lighter than their neck, and if you color match directly to your face (or the back of your hand or wrist), chances are, it’s going to be too light compared to your neck, which will result in you looking washed out.

But what if you color matched to your neck and found a perfect shade, and you still look washed out?  Don’t worry!  I’m going to teach you how to easily fix it in a hurry.

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The first thing to understand about using foundation all over your face, is that it has now, essentially, made you all one color.  This means your face looks more “flat” because you’ve taken out the natural highlights and contours of your face.  So, it’s important to add them back in.

Now, I’m not saying you need to do a full-fledged highlight and contour every time you apply your makeup, but you should add back in some dimension by applying a quick sweep of blush and/or bronzer. By doing so, you’re going to look more natural and a lot less washed out.

And if you want to do a simple look, all you need is bronzer. Bronzer should only be 1-2 shades darker than your natural skin color.  This, again, helps you look more natural without being overdone.

Using a larger fluffy brush, sweep it through the bronzer.  Tap off any excess.  Do not blow on your brushes.  That can spread bacteria, especially if you’re not regularly cleaning your brushes.  You can read more on that here.

Once the bronzer is on your brush, lightly dust it on and under your cheekbones, curving up slightly towards your temples. Don’t get too close to your nose though.  Only bring it in to about the center of your pupil, keeping the highlight area under your eye free of any bronzer. You may also dust some in the hair line on your forehead.  This creates a nice, overall glow while adding dimension back to your face. And you will no longer look washed out.

Creating this look literally takes a minute or less.  So, it’s very quick and easy to do which makes it a “must-do” as part of your makeup routine to avoid looking washed out.

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