Lipstick Hacks to Use Today

When it comes to lipstick, most people think the application is fairly straightforward, and it is.  But, did you know there is so much more you could be doing with your lipstick to get the most out of it?  Because of this, I put together my top five hacks for daily use.

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  1.  No one likes to get lipstick on their teeth.  It can be embarrassing!  The best way to prevent this from happening is to place your index (pointer) finger in your mouth after you’ve applied your lipstick.  Then, wrap your lips around your finger, and pull your finger out.  Any lipstick that could have gotten on your teeth, is now on your finger.  Wipe off your finger, and go!
  2. A tasty, food grade sugar scrub is a delicious way to remove any unwanted, flaky, dry skin from your lips. However, if you don’t have a sugar scrub, don’t worry!  You can easily use your toothbrush to exfoliate away any unevenness.  wordswag_1490310191542
  3. Out and about and realize you didn’t put on any blusher?  Simply grab your desired shade of lipstick (lip gloss, lip balm, etc.) and gently apply it to your cheeks.  Use your fingers to press it into your skin and blend it.  Boom! You’ve got blusher. Tip3
  4. Set your lipstick with translucent setting powder for longer wear.  First, apply your lipstick, and then hold a tissue over your lips.  Meanwhile, with a brush, dust translucent setting powder over the tissue.  A small amount will be applied to your lips, locking in your lip color.  17498742_656618674543552_772439375498818371_n
  5. If you find that your lipstick has broken, you can fix it by melting it back together.  Grab a lighter (or other heat source such as a blow dryer).  Next, carefully heat up the piece that broke and the part that is still attached to the base of the product package.  After they are both warm, stick them back together and continue applying heat.  Then, dab with your finger or Q-tip to fuse the seam.  Let it cool before you use it, or it could break again.  Lastly, be careful not to burn yourself.wordswag_1493740829243

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