Easy Tips for Creating Holiday Makeup that Sparkles

‘Tis the season for makeup that sparkles, don’t you agree?  It seems that during the holidays, many people are willing to add more glitz and glam to their makeup routine.  I know I do!  So, today I want to share a few different ways you can use a sparkly, champagne colored cream eye shadow to spruce up your look.

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Are you ready to create holiday makeup that sparkles?

There are a few ways you can easily add some holiday sparkles to your makeup routine, and you may even already have the product (or something similar) at home!  Winning!

For me, I used a champagne colored cream eye shadow.  Now before you freak out about cream eye shadow, hear me out:  This particular one does not crease.  I know that’s a major concern, and it was for me too, but now that I’ve tried it, I love it because it doesn’t crease, stays in place, and it’s so versatile.  So, I’ll be sharing how you can use this one product in a variety of ways to easily create holiday makeup that sparkles.

  • Use it all over your eyelid.  This will create a light look that sparkles.
  • Dab it on over a different shade of eye shadow.  This will add a whole new dimension to your everyday look.
  • Add some to the top of your cheekbone for some extra holiday highlight.  Be sure to blend it, preferably with a fan brush.

PRO TIP:  Don’t bring the highlight in past the center of your pupil, especially if you have larger pores.  The shimmer will make your pores stand out more.

  • Apply your lip color as normal, and then dab the champagne color over it.  This will give you a whole new look without having to buy another lipstick.
  • Be sure to use a clean, cream shadow brush.  A clean brush will help keep the color its true color.  And a cream shadow brush will help give you control over the application process so you apply the color exactly where you want it.

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