Cream Foundation: Is it for you?

Have you ever thought about trying a cream foundation, but you’re nervous?  I find that many people are afraid it’s going to be too shiny due to the dewy finish.  However, I have found that the dewy finish is a much more natural and youthful look that the typical matte (powder) finish.  So, today I want to show you how easy it is to use, and give you some tips that you can use when applying it.  

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What I really like about cream foundation, especially during the cold winter months with the dry air, is that they actually help add some moisture back to your skin.  And, if you find that your skin is flaking at all, cream foundation down-plays it, whereas a matte/powder finish can make the flaking stand out even more.

And, great news for those, like me, who have oily skin; you can use it too!

So, how do you get the best results with a cream foundation, regardless of your skin type?  Let me tell ya!

Tips for Using Cream Foundation

  • When choosing a shade of cream foundation, make sure you color match to your neck.  If you’re like me, your face is lighter than your neck.  So, if you choose a color that matches your face, you’re going to look totally washed out.  That’s why you want to match the foundation shade to your neck and not your face or wrist.
  • Start with moisturizer.  This will help plump your skin and reduce oil and flaking.  For those of you with oily skin, your skin is oily because your body is trying to moisturize itself by over-producing oil.  Therefore, applying moisturizer cuts down on the amount of oil your body produces, making your skin less oily.
  • Apply primer.  Primer helps provide a barrier between your skin and the makeup.  It also evens out your skin tone by filling in fine lines and wrinkles and gives your makeup a more flawless look that will last longer throughout the day.
  • PRO TIP:  Use blending buds.  They give you the best looking application.  Check out these tips on how to use them.

  • Get the makeup onto the blending buds, and dab it onto your face using a pressing motion.  Let the bud do the work for you.  By dabbing it on, you’ll get fuller coverage and a more even, flawless look than swiping it on.
  • Be sure to blend down onto your neck so that you don’t get a harsh line on your jaw.

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