2 Tips to Make Your Eyes Stand Out

Are you looking for a couple of quick and easy ways to really make your eyes stand out?  If yes, then you’re in luck because that’s exactly what I want to share with you today.  There a lot of different techniques you can use when creating different looks, and I find that this one is one of the quickest and easiest when it comes to your eyes.  

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2 Tips to Make Your Eyes Stand Out

When I talk with people about their typical makeup routine, I’m surprised to find that many of them don’t apply what I consider to be a “must-use” makeup item:  mascara.  For me, mascara is a “must-use” makeup item because not only does it enhance your eyelashes, it also helps your eyes look younger, bigger, and more awake.

Mascara can be used to enhance lashes by darkening them, providing more volume or length, and simply defining them.  By using a mascara, you give more shape to your eyes while adding the final touches for a complete eye look.  Also, showing off your eye lashes makes you look younger.   I mean think about it, does your grandma (or any older person you know) have a lot of eyelashes?  Probably not.  A lack of eyelashes (or at least a lack of enhancing them) also makes your eyes look more tired.  So, by skipping the mascara, you’re not doing yourself any favors.

So go on, and add mascara to your regular makeup routine.

The next thing you can do to add some pop to your eyes is to add a lighter color, preferably a shimmer (metallic, pearlized, or sparkly), to the center of your eyelid once you’ve applied your all-over color.  This color should be lighter than the all-over color that you applied.  By adding the lighter color to the center, you help create dimension, making your eyes stand out more.  If you use a shimmer color, it will also reflect the light.  This adds even more dimension for a slightly more noticeable look.

Just check out the difference in my eyes in the photos below to see how you can make these tips work for you, too!

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